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A lovely story and a key ring

17 May

When I was in Stockholm last weekend I visited my mum’s oldest friend Birgitta’s vintage shop Old Touch. Birgitta told me this amazing story on how a photo of her mum just after the second world war had turned up in her shop several years ago. One of her colleagues was going through a lot of photos that they had found in one of the boxes from an old lady’s apartment that they had taken care of. Her colleague had randomly asked Birgitta about this photo and she had immediately recognized her mum. She had called her mum to ask about this photo and her mum remembered the party exactly that the photo had been taken at. Her mum had not been able to afford to buy the photo herself and now so many years later it had turned up in her daughter’s vintage shop. Isn’t the world just so small and amazing! On the way out of the shop I then found this key ring and it was a nice thing to take with me to in some strange way remind me of this story (even though of course the key ring had nothing to do with the story).

Little Vintage Lover Fair

15 May

I attended Little Vintage Lover Fair last weekend. The fair was hold in a house that was perfect for this event. Quite a large number of shops as well as private sellers were represented and the day was filled with shopping, dance performances and great “fika” as we say in Swedish (a very Swedish expression for having cake and coffee). This was the first time I sold my clothes at a vintage fair and for me it was a success! Enjoy the photos from this lovely day!

Vintage shop of the week: Sthlm

30 Aug

This week we are heading to Stockholm, Sweden for the vintage shop of the week. The shop is called Beyond Retro and along with the vintage shop Judits Second Hand this is one of my favourite vintage shops in Stockholm. Beyond Retro is originally a UK store that now has three shops in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. To see their address and opening hours click HERE or see details below.

The shop is probably one of Stockholm’s largest vintage stores and has a great variety of vintage clothes, bags and accessories for both men and women. I really hope they will open a store in Malmö or Copenhagen soon but I haven’t heard anything about that so I suppose I will have to wait. However, whenever I am in Stockholm I make sure to make sure to make them a visit. They also have a webshop that you reach by clicking HERE.

Beyond Retro’s webpage is both in English and Swedish while the English one focus on UK and the Swedish one on Sweden. 

English webpage:
Swedish webpage:

For updates check out their blogs: UK or Sweden 


Beyond Retro Zinken: Address: Brännkyrkagatan 82, 118 23 Stockholm. Ph:+46- 8-559 136 43. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun: 11am-5pm. MAP

Beyond Retro Söder: AddressÅsögatan 144. Ph: +46-8-559 136 45. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun: 11am-5pm. MAP

Beyond Retro City – Drottninggatan: Address: Drottninggatan 77, 111 60 Stockholm. Ph: +46-8-559 136 42. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun: 11am-5pm. MAP


Beyond Retro Arkaden – c/o Topshop: Address: Södra Hamngatan 37-41, 411 07 Göteborg. Ph: +46-31-753 36 42. Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 12-4pm. MAP.

The picture above is borrowed from HERE, you can also click on the picture to see the source.

Vintage shop of the week: Sthlm

26 Nov

This week we are heading to my home town Stockholm, Sweden for the vintage shop of the week. The shop is called Judits Second Hand and this is one of my favourite vintage shops in Stockholm. It’s situated closed to the subway station Zinkensdam in the area known as “Söder” in Swedish.

The shop has a great selection of vintage clothes, bags and accessories from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s but also hold new items. 90% of their stock is from commission so if you have something you want to sell this could be a good option. However, the clothes have to go along with the season and they are very picky so don’t be disappointed if they don’t accept your items.

If you are looking for vintage clothing for men you should head to Herr Judit situated at Hornsgatan 65 which is just a bit further down the street. My husband has found some great things there including ties, bows and hats.

Address: Hornsgatan 75, 118 49 Stockholm. Ph: +46-8-84 45 10. E-mail: Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6.30pm, Sat: 11am-4.30pm, Sun: usually closed. The last Wednesday of the month they also hold open until 8pm. MAP. For updates check out their Facebook page.

How to get there: Take the subway to Zinkensdam (the red line). When you come out of the station you should walk down Hornsgatan and look for number 75. If you want to make sure you are walking in the right direction just look on the numbers of the houses, there is usually a sign on the corner of the house stating which direction the number goes.

The picture from Judits above is borrowed from here, you can also click on the picture to see the source.


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